Tale Writers



Our ghostwriters collaborate closely with you to capture your unique voice and vision, transforming your ideas into a compelling narrative. We work tirelessly to ensure your story resonates with readers and leaves a lasting impact.

Book Coaching

Our book coaches help you develop your writing skills, overcome challenges, and unlock your full potential as an author. We provide constructive feedback, answer your questions, and offer valuable insights to help you refine your manuscript and achieve your writing goals.

Book Editing

Our editors provide in-depth analysis and feedback, ensuring your manuscript is polished, clear, and free from errors. We focus on the big picture and the finer details, ensuring your story flows and engages readers from the first page to last.


Our proofreaders explore your manuscript to identify and correct any remaining typos, grammatical inconsistencies, or formatting issues. We guarantee a final product that shows your commitment to the story.

Book Publishing

We have experience with this industry, connecting you with the right platform to share your story with the world. We understand the obstacles and help you make informed decisions to maximize your book’s potential.

Book Marketing

Our marketing experts make strategic plans to generate buzz, build awareness, and connect you to your ideal readers. Well make sure it achieves the visibility it deserves.

Book Cover Design

Our designers create stunning book covers that draw readers in, capturing the essence and the spirit of your story. We understand the importance of first impressions and create covers that are aesthetically pleasing and commercially successful.

Children's Book Illustrations

Our illustrators bring your children’s book characters to life with captivating visuals that engage young minds and boost the experience. We work closely with you to ensure the illustrations perfectly complement your narrative.

Children’s Book Publishing

Our team includes specialists who know exactly how to make sure your book will succeed in the competitive children’s book market. Become a household name with our help!

Cultural Accuracy Editing

Our editors ensure your story is sensitive and respectful of different cultures and backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and understanding. We provide valuable insights and suggestions to help you navigate cultural nuances and avoid unintentional misinterpretations.

Book Formatting

We ensure your manuscript adheres to industry standards for a great reading experience across various platforms. We handle formatting elements like page layout, font styles, and chapter breaks, ensuring your book is ready for publication.

Book Proposals and Queries

We assist in crafting compelling book proposals and queries. They’ll grab the attention of agents and publishers! We guide you through the process of highlighting your story’s strengths and presenting it professionally.
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